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Class created on 03/08/2021

Headline vocabulary

HeadlineThis is the title to the story. It is written in large letters at the top of the page to introduce you to the article.
ArticleThis is the story in the newspaper or a piece of writing.
A storm is brewingThis is a very common idiom. If something is brewing it is building up and getting worse. When a storm is brewing, it means that there are many problems happening which will get worse and worse until it leads to a very big problem in the future.

Similar to ‘A storm is brewing’

A storm is on the horizon

Main article vocabulary

PlotlinesThis is the story of the movie, game or book. The story is what will happen in the movie etc.
AnnoyedThis means slightly angry. You can also say irritated.
Lack ofThis means to be short of something. To not have enough of something.
Due to thisBecause of this …
Jumping shipTo leave an organisation, group or company when times are not good.
Flocking toPeople are flocking to means ‘many’ people are going to or moving to somewhere or something.
Active usersThis is the amount of people playing their games at the moment.
CompetitorsThis is the company you are competing against. Nike is Reeboks competitor.
A surge inThis means a very big increase in something. A surge in sales means a very big increase in sales.
Fierce competitionThis is used to show the competition is very close between the companies. You can also say strong, stiff or tough competition.

Main Article

There’s trouble brewing in the World of Warcraft with a growing number of unhappy players who, after 17 years, have had enough.

Some complain about bad plotlines and long delays for new content in a game that charges a monthly fee; while others are annoyed at a lack of communication.

Due to this, players have been jumping ship and flocking to competing games.

Activision Blizzard has not released how many active users there are for World of Warcraft (WoW). However, figures show that if you look at all their games, they have lost two million players in three months while their competitors have seen a surge in new players

This fall in numbers could be down to fierce competition and the fact that their competitors are offering similar but newer experiences.

A storm in a teacup

People are getting angry about something that is not very important. There is no need to get angry over a small thing.

‘Don’t worry! It’s just a storm in a teacup.’