Welcome to our Grammar section where we have put together some common grammar mistakes that we hear all the time with English learners. Grammar is not easy, so we are here to help.

We have created numerous handouts related to everyday idioms (local language) that you will hear English speakers use both face to face and on the TV. Not only that, we also have created sentences to help you understand how to use them and put them together in a dialogue to show how they can be used in daily situations such as at work.

In addition, we have created a list of common phrasal verbs, confusing words that English speakers often ask us about, important everyday vocabulary handouts, and time tense handouts. We even have handouts for reading numbers, money and time.

And let’s not forget the prepositions which can even make Native English speakers go crazy. Is it ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘beside’ or ‘behind’? Don’t worry as we have a treasure trove (something that is very good and has many of them) of handouts to help even the most avid of English learners. (Avid means that you love to do something and are good at it)

So, what are you waiting for? 

Prepare your cup of English tea and delve into (look into something) this treasure trove of grammar delights.

These will focus on:

  • Phrasal verbs 
  • Confusing words
  • English Idioms 
  • General Grammar
  • Prepositions 
  • Reading numbers, money and time
  • Time tenses 
  • General daily vocabulary