Stand out in a crowd!


The UCAS personal statement is one of the most difficult parts of the UCAS application.  However, it allows you to tell the universities and colleges you are applying to why they should offer you a place on the course.

To do this successfully, you need to stand out by conveying your skills, passion, and enthusiasm for the course you are applying for, as well as demonstrate your suitability for the course.

The personal statement is your chance to present a good image of yourself so it is you that receives the offer. NicheEnglish offers to check your personal statement for grammar, general writing mistakes, and pointers to make it the best that it can be.

Some tips to help you write it

The Universities are usually looking for you to answer these questions:

1. Is this student the right person for this course?
2. Is this student right for the university?

You have to show why you are the best person to choose from. Therefore, you must offer examples from your own personal experiences. Some people just copy from other examples that they have seen. This can easily be noticed so try and write it yourself based on your own thoughts and opinions. You should always give reasons for your answers.

Research is the key!

Find out about the universities and how they can help you. Also, find out the benefits of the course.  Do some research and show this in your statement. But make sure that what you say applies to all 5 universities.

Think about:

  • Why you want to study at these universities?
  • How can these universities help you?
  • Why choose that course? [What inspires you about it? / What can you get from it?]
  • Why choose you? [Think of skills and personal achievements]
  • How can I adapt to life at the university? [Talk about communication skills, language skills, hobbies, personal interests that are relevant to the application.]

Be, honest, positive and enthusiastic in the statement!




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