Archive: The man, the legend is back! Christiano Ronaldo’s return to the theatre of dreams is a gamechanger


Class created on 02/09/2021

The man, the legend

Headline vocabulary

HeadlineThis is the title to the story. It is written in large letters at the top of the page to introduce you to the article.
ArticleThis is the story in the newspaper or a piece of writing.
LegendSomeone who is remembered for doing great things in their life.
Theatre of dreamsThis is what people call Old Trafford. Old Trafford is the name of Manchester United’s stadium. They call it the ‘theatre of dreams’ because it’s where dreams can happen.
A gamechangerSomething has a very big impact on something. It can result in a very big change. It is usually used to describe a positive change.

This is Old Trafford. It is also called the ‘Theatre of dreams.’

Main article vocabulary

AdmiredTo admire someone is to look up to them and respect them.
A glittering six-year stint / careerA glittering career means a very successful career. Stint means a period of time. So, a glittering six-year stint means a very successful 6 years
Landmark returnThis means a very important event that can have a very big effect on something. So, the return of Ronaldo is very important and can have a big effect on Manchester United.
To kick-start somethingThis means to make something happen, to start something. To help something improve or develop far quicker.
To rachet up somethingThis means to increase something. So, if you rachet up the pressure, you increase the pressure.
To deliver successIf you deliver success to something, you achieve success. If you don’t deliver, you don’t win or achieve something.
Searching questionsThese are questions that get straight to the point. They are direct questions that will find the real reason why something happened or did not happen.
In your primeIf you are in your prime, you are in the best possible shape that you can be in. You are young and very healthy.
To push yourself to the limitYou give 100% effort to achieve something. You always try your best.
More potent attackThis means that your attack is more dangerous than before. So, Ronaldo will make Manchester United’s attack more dangerous.

Main Article

The 36-year-old legend has always been loved and admired by everyone at Old Trafford after winning the Champions League, three Premier Leagues, the FA Cup and two League Cups in a glittering six-year stint at Manchester United before he moved to Real Madrid in 2009.

Everyone at Manchester United are celebrating Ronaldo’s landmark return to the club that kick-started his glittering career at the age of 18.

However, for Solskjaer, the manager of Manchester United, for all the positivity that this will bring to the team, the signing of Ronaldo ratchets up the pressure to bring success.

With the squad Solskjaer has, if Manchester United do not deliver this season, then searching questions will be asked.

For Ronaldo, to win the Premier league is no small task as they have not won it since 2013.

In his prime, he scored 438 goals in 450 games for Real Madrid. Although he is 36, his passion and willingness to push himself to the limit will certainly make Manchester United’s attack more potent.

Will he be the gamechanger that United needs? Only time will tell.

Home is where the heart is

This means that no matter where you are in the world, your home will always be the place where you hold the most affection / love for.