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Class created on 18/02/2023

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Vocabulary Meaning
An aspiring authorIf you aspire to do something, you have a desire and ambition to do it. You have a desire to achieve something. A hope of success.
An authorThis is a writer of a book or piece of writing.
DutiesThese are things that you have to do as part of your job. It is your responsibility.
Co-writeIf you co-write something, you write something with another person.
Environmental threatsThe environment is the world around us, where we live. A threat is something that can destroy, harm or damage something. So, an environmental threat is something that can destroy or harm the environment.
Climate changeThis is the long-term effects of the weather patterns such as increased / decreased temperature, less or more rain etc.
To be publishedIf a book is published, it is released to the public so they can buy it or read it.
PassionateIf you are passionate about something you really care about it.
To host an eventIf you host an event, you arrange the event and are leading the event.
RestoringIf you restore something, you bring it back to its original condition or place. You bring it back to what it was like before.
To empower peopleThis means to give people the power and confidence to do something. You encourage them and make them feel more confident.
A clean bill of healthThis means that something/someone is in a good and healthy condition.
SewageThis is wastewater from places like toilets and factories.
InadequateThis means that something is not good enough.
Rare wildlifeRare means that something is not very common. Wildlife is wild animals living in their own natural environment. So, rare wildlife means wild animals living in their own environment but there are not many of them.

Climate Change
This is the long-term effects of the weather patterns such as increased / decreased temperature, less or more rain etc.

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King Charles has many duties as king, and he goes about doing them with great energy. However, he has also managed to co-write a book about the environmental threats the planet is facing today.

‘Climate Change’ – a Ladybird Book, will be published next month.

He is very passionate about climate change and on Friday the King hosted world leaders at Buckingham Palace to support action on restoring the natural world.

Speaking at the event, the book’s co-author Chair of Natural England Tony Juniper said the King wanted to encourage and empower young people.

This is not the first time they have co-written a book together. In 2017 the King and Mr Juniper wrote a book for adults about climate change. The new book is written for 7-11 year-olds to help them understand the importance of looking after the environment.

Rivers not given a clean bill of health
Sewage going into the rivers

According to experts, no river in England can be given a clean bill of health from sewage and various other things released into waterways.

Government efforts to improve England’s environment have also been called inadequate. However, in January the government released a plan to protect rare wildlife and clean up land and water over the next five years.

King Charles has spent much of his life trying to help protect the environment. So, let’s hope that his new book will be a success and the environment that we so depend on will be a better place for our future generations.

To answer the call of nature

This means to go to the toilet.

‘Excuse me, I need to answer the call of nature.’