Archive: Athletes for Tokyo Olympic games 2020 have to contend with ‘soaring temperatures’ and ‘oppressive’ humidity


Class created on 25/07/2021

Headline vocabulary

HeadlineThis is the title to the story. It is written in large letters at the top of the page to introduce you to the article.
ArticleThis is the story in the newspaper or a piece of writing.
To contend withTo deal with something. You have to accept it and deal with it / get through it.
TemperatureHow hot or cold it is.
Soaring temperatureThe temperature is very high and increasing very quickly.
Humidity [Noun]
Humid [Adj}
Moisture in the air. There is a lot of water in the air that makes you sweat very easily. It can make it feel hotter.
Oppressive humidityThe humidity is very high. Uncomfortably high.

Similar meaning to humid: Sticky

As well as saying humid, you can also say it is very sticky. This is because when it is humid, you will sweat a lot and your clothes will get wet from sweating too much and stick to you.

Similar phrases that mean very hot

Baking hotIt’s boiling
It’s swelteringIt’s a sizzler
It’s a scorcherIt’s roasting

Main article vocabulary

Intense heatIt is very hot. Uncomfortably hot.
Strain on somethingTo put pressure on something. To make it more difficult.
Over-heatingSomething becomes too hot.
Regular intervalsAn interval is a break or pause. If it is regular, something happens very often. An example could be to drink water every 30 minutes.

Main Article

Not only do the Athletes have the pressure of performing and doing their best, but at Tokyo 2020 the athletes are also having to contend with intense heat and humidity. With humidity levels above 80%, it puts a strain on the Athletes body when they try to perform outdoors.

When humidity levels are very high, your body can’t properly cool itself and over-heating can easily happen.

Doctors recommend drinking water at regular intervals to help prevent the body from overheating.

The heat is on

This means that the situation is becoming more difficult.