IELTS One-on-One Speaking Classes

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About our classes

We all know that it is incredibly hard to gain the score that you need to be accepted in a UK university. Therefore, at NicheEnglish, we have created online speaking classes that are designed to help you gain that score.

Your class will be 55 minutes long based on one topic which may come up in the speaking test. It focuses on fluency and the ability to use idiomatic expressions in the correct way when expressing ideas.

In addition, you will also be given a handout before the class where you can learn the vocabulary and expressions before taking the class.

The teachers will help you think outside the box and expand more on your answers to gain that higher score.

Please see below for our current topics:

General IntroductionsAdvertising
Crime & PunishmentCulture
Describing buildingsDescribing people
The mediaMoney
The environmentTraffic & Transport

Please email us for more details:

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