World Tour classes for English Learners and International Students

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

– Henry Miller –

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About our classes

Let’s make learning English fun and interesting.

Not only will you Learn about some of the most famous cities in the world, but also learn some great English Expressions and new vocabulary along the way.

The classes will mainly focus on speaking skills and using the vocabulary and expressions learnt in the class. These classes will help you be able to describe a city that you love in more detail using more interesting and descriptive words.

Learn about some great cities while learning English!

These classes are also great for vocabulary building

Handouts will be given before class and feedback will be given after to review points in class


No sign up fees!

Pay as you go!

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One on one classes: ₤25 for 55 minutes.

Up to two people in the class: ₤20 per student for 55 minutes.

Up to 3-4 people in the class: ₤15 per student for 55 minutes.

All students will receive feedback after class.

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See below for the cities that you will learn about.


City of fun


City of innovation


City of culture


City of culture


City of light


City of spires

Quebec City

City of the ice carnival


The Eternal city

St. Petersburg

Venice of the East


City on the water


City of canals


City of music

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Pack your bags and get ready to explore!