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NicheEnglish has created a business English and Corporate Training course which focuses on the language that you will use in daily work life. The course can help improve your English for the workplace and learn various topics to help you work more effectively to make the most of your career opportunities.

Furthermore, the classes are designed to encourage you to speak up, offer your opinion and have confidence in speaking, which is the key in international business. Studying business English will also help to build strong relationships with your colleagues and clients.

There are numerous topics, talking points, debates, and role-plays where you will be able to practice what you have learned during each class.

Chose the topics that suit your needs and to help you start moving up the career ladder

Handouts will be given before class and feedback will be given after to review points in class

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One on one classes: ₤30 for 55 minutes.

Up to two people in the class: ₤25 per student for 55 minutes.

Up to 3-4 people in the class: ₤15 per student for 55 minutes.

All students will receive feedback after class.

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See below for our current topics:

Career Ladder Organising a Trade Show
Office Equipment Trade Show for the Exhibitor 1
Telephone English Trade Show for the Exhibitor 2
Customer Service Business meetings
Business Emails How to Negotiate in Business
Hiring Staff Presentation Skills
Business Travel Starting up a Business
Corporate Culture Sales & Marketing
Team Building Graphs & Trends
Performance Review Time Management
Coaching & Mentoring Leadership skills part one
Distribution & Delivery Leadership skills part two
Company Finances Business Lingo

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