Archive: Barcelona confirm Lionel Messi will leave club after 21 years while fans are left in tears after bombshell news


Class created on 07/08/2021

Headline vocabulary

HeadlineThis is the title to the story. It is written in large letters at the top of the page to introduce you to the article.
ArticleThis is the story in the newspaper or a piece of writing.
Bombshell newsThis is news that is very surprising and can cause a shock to people that read it or hear about it.
FansThese are people that support or follow the club.
Left in tearsIf someone is left in tears they are crying.

Similar to ‘Bombshell’

Unexpected / surprising / shocking / sensational

Main article vocabulary

Cash-strappedThis means that you are very short of money.
Economic woesThis means that you are going through a time of financial trouble / problems where there is little or no money available.
Pay cutIf you receive a pay cut, your salary is reduced. You get paid less than before.
…slashed by…This is used to show something is reduced by a large amount. Messi was a offered a pay cut of ₤250,000 which is a very large reduction.
…poised to…This means that you are ready / prepared to / about to do something in the near future.
The deal is deadThis means that the deal will 100% no longer happen. It has a 0% chance of happening.
…is set to walk away…If someone is set to walk away, they are ready to leave something or a place.
Contribution (noun)If you contribute (verb) to a clubs success, you help make it successful. What you did helped make them become successful.
To wish someone all the bestIf you wish someone all the best, you want them to be successful in the future.
Current situationThis means the situation that is happening now.
Shock announcementThis is the same as ‘Bombshell news.’
TalismanThis is a player that inspires the group around them. They are the main player and encourage and inspire others.
On the brink of somethingThis means that you have almost achieved or done something. You are not there yet but you are almost there. Very close to doing or achieving something.

Main Article

Cash-strapped Barcelona have no choice but to sell their star player due to economic woes. Messi was offered a 50% per cent pay cut which would have seen his pay slashed by ₤250,000 a week.

It was believed Barcelona were poised to sign a new deal, but it has been confirmed the deal is dead and Messi is set to walk away after 21 years.

The club would like to thank Lionel Messi for his contribution to the club’s success and wish him all the best for the future.

However, it is believed that Messi was unhappy with the current situation at the club and was also not happy with the players Barcelona have at the moment.

Since the shock announcement of losing their talisman, fans have been seen outside the stadium in tears.

It is believed that Messi is on the brink of signing a contract with PSG to play with his friend Neymar.

To shoot off

To leave a place quickly and suddenly.

I need to shoot off and go shopping.’