Terms and Conditions

NicheEnglish Terms & Coinditions

The subscription will last for one year and will need to be renewed after this period.

As this is a subscription-based site, where access to download material is permitted upon payment, no refunds can be provided after payment is processed.

Only authorised account holders can access their account and view subscription material.

Any unauthorised access will result in subscription being cancelled with no refunds applicable.

Only the account holder is permitted to download the material and use for personal use only.

No material is permitted to be shared online or illegally used.


With regards to online classes

Payment must be received before classes can take place.

A class can only be booked 24 hours in advance.

If the teacher does not show up for the class, another class will be scheduled without charge. In addition, a free complimentary class will also be offered.

If a teacher needs to cancel the class beforehand. They need to give two hours notice prior to the class. The student will be informed and offered another teacher if they are available, or to re-book the class, or receive a refund.

If the student needs to cancel the class, they must inform us two hours beforehand. The class can be rebooked or refunded. If they do not inform us two hours prior, no refunds will be offered.

If the student does not turn up for the scheduled class without any prior notice, no refunds will be offered. They essentially lose that class. Therefore, please only book classes that you know you will be available to attend.

If there are connection problems during class and the class is affected, another class will be scheduled free of charge.

Payments will be made via bank transfer.