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Welcome to our new and innovative site where we will help you on your journey to discover British culture, history, and some great English expressions along the way.

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British Culture

Learn about British culture, quirky festivals, legends, castles, historical sites and kings and queens that helped create the Britain that we see today.

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Solve the grammar mistake

Peter is the one which gave me this car. I love it!

Elementary my dear Watson

Peter is the one who / that gave me this car.

'Who' is used for people only while 'that' can be used for people and objects such as cars.'Which' can only be used for objects and not people.

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Online Business English Classes

One-on-one personalised business English classes

Elementary my dear Watson!

Check out our First maps now

Interactive cultural Maps

We have created interactive maps where you can immerse yourself in British culture. All come with handouts and audio files to aid in your English learning. Let the journey of discovery begin.

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Daily English Videos

Videos for every problem you might experience on that trip of a life time to the UK.  Learn the vocabulary and expressions that you will hear and use in daily life. Check out our introduction video.

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Monthly UK Tour Videos

Join us on our UK Tour where we will travel the UK and discover hidden gems. It’s a cultural extravaganza! Check out our introduction video which comes with a free PDF handout.

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IELTS One-ON-one Speaking Classes

Online speaking classes that are designed to help you gain the score that you need to be accepted by a UK university.

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Grammar Hand-Outs

Downloadable documents on grammar points to help you with your English