Capital City – Edinburgh, Scotland


Scotland’s capital city is like a cultural melting pot [Has many different cultures living together]. There are great pubs and clubs for those that love to socialise and mix with the locals, and theatres, museums and art galleries for those that love history and culture.

The capital has the largest collection of historical [Very old with an important history] buildings, museums, theatres and art galleries of any city in Scotland. It is a city rich in history [Has a lot of history] and is a must for any history buff [Someone who loves history].

In addition, Edinburgh is also known for the world famous ‘Edinburgh International Festival’ which takes place every August. During the festival, the whole city comes to life with singing and dancing. It’s a perfect time to visit this historic city.

Symbol of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle

Tourist Attractions in Edinburgh

Below are some of the must see attractions in Edinburgh. Make sure you plan your visit so you can enjoy most, if not all, this great city has to offer. It is a city where you are surrounded by history every step you take.

A breathtaking historical city

(Breathtaking means amazing, and historical means that it is important in history)

Edinburgh Castle

When you think of Scotland you think of Edinburgh Castle. You can learn about its past, wander along [Walk along] the castle walls, view Scotland’s Crown Jewels, enjoy the dungeons [Underground prison], and spend time taking in the breathtaking [Amazing] views of this historic city.

This is a must see attraction for every visitor of Scotland.

City of the dead ghost tour

This is a scary underground tour where you can see how the people of Edinburgh once lived. You can stroll through the [Walk through] dark tunnels and experience what it was like living in these dark places.

However, if you do decide to go down the tunnels be careful, because they are known to have ghosts walking around.

The Loch Ness tour

This is perfect if you want to get away from the hustle & bustle [Busy with many people] of the city and unwind [Relax]. The Scottish highlands have some of the finest scenery [Best views] in Europe, so if you love taking photos this is the place to be.

Furthermore, you can try and see the famous Loch Ness Monster as you wander along [Walk along] this stunning [Amazing] lake.

The Royal Mile

If you like to stroll around [walk around] and have history all around you then the Royal Mile is the perfect place to be. There are historic townhouses, museums, restaurants and cafés for you to unwind [Relax] in.

Furthermore, if you go to the top end of the Royal Mile you can see the stunning [Amazing] views of the city.

Palace of Holyroodhouse

The Palace of Holyroodhouse and Holyrood Abbey has very often been at the centre of Scottish history as Kings and queens have been married at this beautiful Palace.

You can view the historic rooms, see famous paintings of past Kings, and walk through the Breathtaking [Amazing] gardens to pass the time. It’s great for the whole family to enjoy.

St Giles Cathedral

This is Edinburgh’s main church and has more than a thousand years of history to discover. It’s a beautiful church which is situated on the Royal Mile right in the heart of [centre of] the city. Inside is simply stunning!

So make sure you take some time to visit this top attraction.

The National Galleries of Scotland

This is one of Edinburgh’s three main art galleries and has paintings of some of the most famous Scottish figures [People] from the past 500 years. It even has paintings from the world renowned [World famous] painter Pablo Picasso.

There are so many paintings to see that you may need two to three days to see them all. So come and unwind [Relax] while enjoying beautiful pieces of art.

Scotch Whisky Experience

Scottish whisky is famous all over the world. Here you will learn the secrets of how it is made and be able to taste different samples from the world’s largest Whisky collection.

So, if you are a whisky connoisseur [Someone who knows a lot about whisky] then this place is a must see. Bottoms up! [Drink up!]

Enjoy the fantastic culture