Capital City – Cardiff, Wales


Cardiff offers shopping, museums, entertainment, history, and is easy to explore on foot. You can visit the free National Museum, explore Cardiff Castle, and stroll along [Walk along] Cardiff Bay to enjoy the breathtaking [Amazing] views.

The city is a mixture of old and new with innovative [Creative] buildings standing next to historic (Very old and important in history) ones. This makes for an interesting experience as you wander around [Walk around] this ancient [Very old] city, because it has something for everyone to enjoy!

See below for of the attractions that are a must see on your visit to this great city.

Symbol of Cardiff

Cardiff Castle

Tourist Attractions in Cardiff

Below are some of the must see attractions in Cardiff. Make sure you plan your visit so you can enjoy most, if not all, that Cardiff has to offer. It is a great city where you are surrounded by history every step you take.

A place rich in history

(Rich in history means that it has a long and interesting history)

Cardiff Castle

This historic Castle has 2000 years of history dating back to the Roman’s. You can view the banquet hall [A place where they ate dinner], the castle museum, and the underground tunnels that were used in times of war.

There are many other activities to enjoy while learning the history of this great place. It’s great for the whole family.

Cardiff bay

With restaurants, shopping areas, bars, sports grounds, parks to stroll around, theatres and cafés to unwind [Relax] in, this place is one of the coolest [Most fashionable] in Cardiff.

Furthermore, in the evening you can take a romantic walk along the waterfront [Next to the water] and enjoy the stunning [Amazing] views.

St. Fragans National History Museum

This open-air museum [Outside] is about 4 miles from Cardiff city and is one of Wales’ best known attractions. You can wander around the traditional gardens, view beautiful farmhouses, mills and workshops.

The museum will take you back in time and allow you to see what life was really like more than a hundred years ago

Caerphilly Castle

This castle was built in 1628 and is the largest in Wales. You can stroll around the massive walls, view weapons used at the time, and even take a boat trip across the lake and unwind [Relax] while enjoying the stunning [Amazing] views.

There are many events throughout the year for the whole family, so come and enjoy this historic castle

Millennium Stadium

If you love sport then this place is for you. This is one of the country’s best sports stadiums. The roof is retractable (Can open and close), and can hold many sports events such as football, Rugby and motorsports.

Furthermore, there are music concerts throughout the year which attracts thousands of people to the city.

Wales Millennium centre

This is world famous for being one of the best places for performing arts [Dance, singing etc.], and is also one of the most important cultural places in Cardiff.

If you love dance, ballet, opera, comedy shows and musicals, then this is a must see on your travels.

The Red Castle: Castell Coch

If you are a romantic and love stories with princesses and princes, then this beautiful 19th century castle should be on the top of your list for places to visit. You can stroll along [Walk along] the walls and imagine yourself as the princess or prince of the castle.

The views are stunning [Amazing] and it’s a perfect place for taking that memorable photo.

Liandaff Cathedral

Built in the 13th century, this is one of the finest [Best] buildings in Wales. You can get guided tours and learn about the history of this historic cathedral. Furthermore, inside is simply breathtaking [Amazing] and is well-worth seeing!

There are events throughout the year so check before you go for the best time to visit.

Cardiff indoor market

If you want to meet the locals and taste delicious local grub [Local food] then this place is the place to be. They have the cheapest and best fried breakfast anywhere in Cardiff. The locals are friendly and are very happy to talk to you and offer you advice on where to go.

So take a trip to [Visit] Cardiff indoor market and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

Ghost walks

There are numerous [many] ancient [Very old] buildings and castles around Cardiff that have many stories to tell. A lot of those stories are about ghosts! Therefore, there are a number of ghost tours for you to join such as the one at Cardiff Castle.

However, these are very scary so be careful if you choose to go on one. I suggest not going alone!

The Welsh Dragon