Capital City – Belfast N. Ireland’s


In the last 30 years, Belfast, the largest city in Northern Ireland, has changed into a tourism hot spot (popular destination). The centre of Belfast has been redeveloped and is now a pleasure [Very nice] to walk around.

There are historic pubs (very old) to relax in and chat with the locals, world famous restaurants, beautiful buildings to admire, and many places to shop for that perfect gift to take home. 

You can visit the Grand opera house, go on a boat tour of the harbour, or visit Belfast zoo which is great for the whole family. Furthermore, if you are young at heart, love to listen to music and go to cool bars, the university quarter is the place to go to after a day of sightseeing.

Symbol of Belfast

Titanic Museum

Tourist attractions in Belfast

Below are some of the must see attractions in Belfast. Make sure you plan your visit so you can enjoy most, if not all, that Belfast has to offer. It is a great city where you are surrounded by history every step you take.

Delve into its great history

(Delve into means to look into something more to find out more about it)

Belfast Castle

This beautiful 12th century castle is 4 miles from the centre of Belfast. You can walk around the stylish [Fashionable] halls and enjoy learning about the history of this historic castle. Furthermore, you can relax in the gardens and enjoy a picnic with the whole family.

Cave Hill

Cave hill is right next to Belfast Castle. So, once you have looked around the castle, you can take a walk up the hill and enjoy the stunning [Amazing] scenery [Views] of the whole of Belfast. It’s a perfect place to go hiking [to go on long walks in the countryside] and enjoy the fresh air of Belfast’s countryside.

Belfast’s ghost walks

Belfast is rich in history [Has a long and interesting history] with many ghost stories to go with it. For 90 minutes you will be taken at night to some of Belfast’s scariest locations and learn about some of the cities interesting, but scary stories.

So be prepared and don’t go alone!

Belfast Waterfront

This is the perfect place to unwind [To relax] after a day’s sightseeing. There are art galleries, bars, restaurants and museums for you to enjoy. In addition, if you want a relaxing, romantic walk, walking along the waterfront [Next to the water] is the perfect place to be at night.

Victoria Square Shopping centre

This is a perfect place if you want to look for that special gift to take home, as there are numerous (many) shops for you to enjoy.

So, if you love window shopping [Look but don’t buy] or splashing out [Spending a lot of money] on that perfect gift, then make sure you visit this shopping paradise [Perfect place for shopping].

St. Georges Market

This is one of Belfast’s oldest attractions and is one of the best markets in the UK. You can find food from around the world as well as local artwork, flowers, and handmade crafts [Art made from hand, not machine]. Furthermore, to keep you entertained, there are live bands performing on the weekends. So come on down and enjoy this vibrant [Full of energy and fun] atmosphere.

The Botanic Gardens

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle [Very busy with many people] of the city and relax for a while, then these gardens are for you. The gardens were created in 1828 and have thousands of plants and flowers for you to enjoy while strolling around [Walking around]. On top of this [Also], it is free to get in!

Grand Opera House

Built in 1895, this place is spectacular (amazing)! Even if you don’t want to see a show, it’s worth going there just to wander around [Walk around]. However, if you would like to see a performance, there are a number of musicals, opera shows, and live bands performing throughout the year. So come and enjoy this stunning [Amazing] theatre.

Titanic Museum

The ship that we all know, ‘Titanic’, was built at this very spot. The museum has fun interactive exhibitions [You can get involved and touch them] for all to enjoy, which show how Belfast became one of the most powerful ship building places in the World. It is full of fun and history for the whole family.

Kelly’s Cellars

If you want to relax with a local beer, then take a trip down to the oldest historic pub in Belfast. This historic pub was built in 1720, and is a must see if you want to experience a traditional pub while getting to know the locals. And don’t forget to try the local grub [Local food] as it is delicious.

Belfast Zoo

This is right next to Belfast Castle and Cave Hill. If you want to see animals from around the world and interact [Communicate] with them, then this place is a must see. It’s great for the children as they will learn about animals that they have never seen or heard of before. So come and let your hair down [Relax and have fun] at Belfast zoo!

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