Confusing words

A little Vs A few

A lot Vs Allot Vs Alot

Accept Vs Except

Advice Vs Advise

Affect Vs Effect

All together Vs Altogether

Already Vs All ready

Anyone Vs Any one

Around Vs round

Assure Vs Ensure

Bored Vs Boring

Borrow Vs Lend

Confused Vs Confusing

Do Vs Make

Dont Vs doesnt

Each Vs Every

Either Vs Neither

Everyday Vs Every day

Everyone Vs Every one

Excited Vs Exciting

Fewer Vs Less

For Vs Since

For Vs To

Gone to Vs Been to

Good Vs Well

Hope Vs Wish

Interested Vs Interesting

Let Vs Make

Look Vs Watch

Lose Vs Loose

Much Vs Many

Never Vs Ever

Nobody Vs None Vs No one

Raise Vs Rise

So Vs Because

So Vs So that

So Vs Such

Some Vs Any

That Vs Which